All samurai related madness is the product of the fertile minds of Alex Kolesar and Joe Kovell

Here is any and all fanart that I do for other webcomics. Over time you can expect this area to grow since, well, you know, fanart is alot of fun! A link to the comic that the fanart was made for is below each picture.

Back when Acid Reflux was still a regularly updated comic, I did this guest comic for Guest Comic week. I think it turned out nicely, although these Acid Reflux fanart pictures are all from about a year ago.

The Goddess, God's sister in Acid Reflux. She wears a red thong and a transparent dress! *grrrowl* Naturally she's extremely vain.

back in the good ol'days when I was first getting into onilne comics, I fell in love with Acid Reflux. I'm dissapointed that it currently rarely updates, but the archives are still a great barrel of fun if you haven't read through it before and are looking for a fun web comic to check out.

My bestest best girl friend (as in not a male gendered friend) has her own online comic AND won the Monthly Anime Gaijin! Here are my three submissions for her month. This one is of the Timescapes gang in feudal Japanese garb.

The Timescapes gumi in a starwars mock up poster! (I like making those). Xenith is in an all too revealing Sith outfit! yay!

Timescapes pulling off a Matrix parody. NNFB will soon be pulling off its own Matrix parody, in the form of a single character, that is ^_~

Kid, the sexy french talking ace pilot from Angels 2200. The story's a bit cliche (not that tha'ts a bad thing), and it kinda reminds me of Wing Commander (the movie, although the games are far better in every way possible) except without any male characters. It's well written and it's got pretty good art, so check it out if you're a scifi fan like me!

PB Adventures' wacky take on the overly cliched fantasy genre is beyond all comprehensions of the word swifty! Granted swifty isn't a real word, but if it was I'm sure it would easily describe PBA. Read it. It's funny, damn funny.


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