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The Characters Page!

This is the long awaited page that will unconfuse the oppressing confusion about all those major and minor characters in everyone's favorite epic samurai  drama,  quest, thing! All the ages of the characters pertain to the current timeline in the comic, and not the flashbacks in which some characters, such as Nataku or Hirotomo, first appear.

Yorikiro Wataro - 18 yrs old

Yori, a peppy young samurai with a desire to do good, is a son of Hirotomo Wataro, the most powerful daimyo in feudal Japan. Yori's strong dislike for his father's methods of acquiring power led him to flee his home in search for more a more honorable life.  Though Yori's choice of weapons may be based more on cost than quality, the young samurai shows apt skills and reflexes on the battlefield. If only he'd invest in some better swords... 

Ina Senshin - 16 yrs old

The daughter of the just and well respected Masuhiro Senshin, Ina is a very stubborn girl who fights with all her will to break free of the traditional role applied to women in feudal Japan. When she learns that her father has arranged for her to be married, she runs away from her home to escape an undesired fate. She is soon rescued from bandits by Yori, who decides to become her self appointed bodyguard. Ina is one of four daughters, she has no brothers.

Cho Teko - 20 yrs old

Cho is a blind Chinese Taoist priest who finds himself in Japan in an attempt to avoid Japan and negate a prophecy that describes the end of the world. "A Hindu, Christian, and Taoist priest walk into a Japanese bar..." Cho teams up with Ina and Yori through what he insists is the will of the Tao. Always optimistic and true to his word, Cho is the guiding light of the group.

Kenta Daisuke - 21 yrs old

Ken kills people. Lots of people. All the time. Preferably when drunk. Forced into orphanage at the age of 11, Ken roams Japan in a drunken stupor, hoping to stumble across his family's killer, the nine fingered Yoshinori Nataku, and Kill him. Alot.

Genchu Wataro Daisuke - 33 yrs old

Genchu is a mysterious figure from Both Yori's and Ken's pasts. A master swordsman, Genchu is somehow part of both the Wataro and now decimated Daisuke clan. If he did not have a connection with both Yori and Ken, Ken surely would have killed Yori on their first meeting.

Matrix - never ask her age...ever

Matrix just-doesn't-care. And why should she? She's better than you. Infact, she's better than pretty much everyone. It's a complete mystery as to why she gives a damn about anything that goes on in these people's lives. Maybe she's just bored, or she's actually a convenient plot device. But either way, you know she's going to kick some serious samurai hoo-ha when she's ready...whenever that'll be...

Hirotomo Wataro - 42 yrs old

A powerful warlord, Hirotomo wants seemingly nothing more than absolute power, and will stop at nothing to get it. Ten years ago he had the Daisuke clan wiped from existence. Now the daimyo has set his sites on the Senshin clan. Hirotomo was not always a power hungry tyrant, though...

Yoshinori Nataku - 38 yrs old

He is the evil general who works as Hirotomo's arms and legs, carrying out his vicious orders with deadly precision.  Nataku wishes only for peace...brought about by a long, violent, bloody conflict. In a battle with the master swordsman, Genchu, Nataku lost his left pinky finger, earning him the nick name of Nine Finger Nataku.

Yukizane Masamune - 35 yrs old

An enigma wrapped in a mystery dipped in vanilla chocolate, Yukizane loves gaming and fears a violent death. None the less, due to his love of strategy he has proven to be a competent general on the battlefield. What is most intriguing about Yukizane's tactics is that they often result in a death toll of zero. Yukizane is Ina's uncle on her mother's side.


Masuhiro Senshin - 40 yrs old

Once a noble warrior, Ina's father is a well liked and respected daimyo, who wishes for nothing more than the peace and well being of his people. In an attempt to stop an all out war between the Senshin and Wataro clans, Masuhiro had intended to wed Ina to one of Hirotomo's sons. Unfortunately, Ina's plight from home has left him and his clan in a serious situation...


Kagome Senshin noh Masamune - 33 yrs old

Ina's mother, Kagome is much like Ina in most respects, except that she does what is expected of a woman from feudal Japan. Although she is as loud and boisterous about her opinions as Ina, she believes in her husband as a leader and a father, and wishes only for her family's well being.

Suzuka - 22 yrs old

Suzuka is the Supreme ninja of the mysterious assassin group stalking Yori and his allies. In a one on one duel, she easily defeated a battle-ready Masuhiro without receiving even a scratch. Despite her odd fashion sense and her trademark blonde dyed hair, she is a formidable opponent, and not to be taken lightly in battle.

Bunzo - 28 yrs old

Bunzo is a member of the assassin group that is stalking Yori. Nothing much is known about him, other than his fighting style. He claims his legendary Rock-jutsu has been passed down in his clan for generations, and is undefeatable. He's also kind of an idiot.

Ryoku - 23 yrs old

Ryoku is a deadly swordsman, and what he lacks in sight he makes up for in cold hearted efficiency. He is one of the four Demons of Sorrow, a group of samurai assembled by Hirotomo to exterminate Yori. Ryoku in some ways is like an evil version of Cho, but the two have never met.

Uso - 30 yrs old

Uso claims to have been a supreme ninja in another life, and is able to recall his previous life's skills in his new form. As one of the Demons of Sorrow, he is a master of deception and illusion, using specialized Genjutsu, illusionary ninja techniques, to confuse and break the will of his opponents. Despite this, Uso is of samurai blood, and follows the same rules as any samurai, being ferociously loyal to his master, Hirotomo.

Tadashii-Koto - 35 yrs old

A righteous swordsman, and a member of the Demons of Sorrow,  Tadashii was good friends with Genchu during his time as Yori's caretaker. Tadashii is a master swordsman who respects any warrior who can match blades with him. His true power comes with the devotion to his ideals, and he lets nothing stand in their way.

Honou-ko - ?? yrs old

Shrouded in mystery, he is, by far, the most fearsome of the four Demons. Honou-ko has an unhealthy preoccupation with Hell-flames, often stating that he was born from them. Honou-ko has never been seen by his samurai cohorts outside of his iron armor, and maybe it's best that way. Who knows, maybe he's deformed behind that metal mask?

Misaki - 62 yrs old

Ina's somewhat absent minded caretaker, Misaki has looked after Ina for her entire life. It's not that others had never tried, but Misaki's natural ability to block out the voices of others has allowed her to stand Ina's constant complaints and temper tantrums over the years.


Eijiro Wataro - 18 yrs old

Eijiro is nothing like Yori in personality. He takes full advantage of being from a cruel and powerful clan, and his knowledge of language makes him an intimidating voice in political negotiations. Although he flaunts his status, he greatly fears his father's rage.

Fujio - 20 yrs old

Fujio was one of the four bandits that harassed Ina when she attempted to ask them for help. He's not too fast in the head, and often relies on Fumio to make his decisions for him. He and Fumio were captured by Suzuka's ninja clan after his encounter with Yori.

Fumio - 21 yrs old

Fumio thinks he's all brains, but the truth is he's no more intelligent than Fujio, just more decisive. Both he and Fujio were captured by Suzuka's ninja clan after his their encounter with Yori and Ina.



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